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August 23, 2007


Stephen Joyce

Your readers might like to know that there is a radio show entitled 'Search Engine' airing on CBC radio (Canada)

that has all sorts of intersting pieces about 'creative commons', the knowledge economy, and Cory Doctorow (BoingBoing
http://www.boingboing.net/)is doing a weekly commentary.

Also Stanford have a very interesting course on 'Social Bookmarking' http://newventuremarketing.typepad.com/stanfordconted/2007/09/welcome.html

And finally ...I am offering to travel to any part of N. America and provide a free seminar on 'Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work' to any group, team, business that wants to learn more about what it takes to 'Teach an Anthill to Fetch' (the title of my book on the topic)

Stephen Joyce

I just caught the end of a radio interview with someone talking about 'what democracy sounds like'.

Sounds like a mess actually but then that actually might be an improvement on what we have at present. (only joking)

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